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How to Choose a Water Filtration System

San Fernado Valley

We have lived in different places in Southern California with different types of tap water quality. Our first home was in Panorama City 30 years ago when I started working with Acqua Group. Our house was built with galvanized plumbing and you will see the rust-colored water the first time you turn on the faucet then wait a while until it clears up. A whole-house filtration won't do the trick because rust comes from the internal plumbing of our house. Since we are starting up our family we cannot afford to replace the plumbing with copper pipes which was the standard in those days. I'll tell you what products are available for this type of situation.

Also, our child went to Saint Genevieve Elementary School located in Panorama City which is the San Fernando Valley and they had the same problem with their water fountain, so I offered my service in exchange for the required service hours for the parents to serve the parish church and school activities. Next, I'll show you tips on choosing your water filtration system when you are in these vicinities.

What water filtration system is adequate for the San Fernando Valley?

First of all our primary concern will be our drinking water.

A sediment filter for removing dirt, sand, and rust is our first stage of filtration, then a carbon block to trap more rust and adsorb chemicals mainly chlorine in our second stage, and we end up with a polishing GAC- granulated activated carbon- filter for our third stage. We will offer this affordable system on our product page.

Product Page

How about our shower?

If you had replaced your whole house's plumbing and have no more rust problems, all you need is the same water filtration system with a bigger load capacity which will also be available for installation but it's only if you have a skin condition. :)

We moved to Santa Clarita in the Antelope Valley

After six years we moved to

a newly built two-story home in a beautiful quiet neighborhood at the end of Copper Hill in Saugus. "But how about the water?" OMG, We had hard water in Santa Clarita the bathrooms gets calcium stains including the faucets and shower heads. The TDS or Total Dissolved Solids in the water ranges from 400 ppm that's parts per million the normal safe drinking water is below the 200 ppm range.

Here, I will share with you guys some of the solutions I did to this dilemma.

Dealing with hard water in Santa Clarita

I end up installing a water softener and a reverse osmosis water filtration system in our new home to solve these water quality issues. However, the city banned the use of salt ion exchange systems and they will even buy back your system just to remove them. The reason behind this was if the brine backwash is diverted to the sewer system it will retard the sewer treatment plant's process.

We decided to move to Westridge in Valencia and I simply installed a High induction Calcium converter that changes the adhesion property of calcium in the water to prevent it from calcifying in your shower wall instantly. The unit has a wire circuit looped in the main line of the water source. i will put them on my product page soon. So please keep on visiting my blog...

We also lived in Orange County and back to Santa Clarita but in Agua Dulce.. see you soon.

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