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Drinking Water Cost Analysis

In a business establishment the basic factor of cost is dependent on the number of employees and number of locations to serve to determine the best cost-effective matrix for the qty of water dispensers and the right frequency of service. 

For bottled water we can directly calculate the qty of 5-gallon drinking water bottled water in by determining the amount each person need per day 8 glass of 8 oz per day, but they will probably consume half of their daily hydration while at work. We can assume 4 glasses of 8 ounces a day  multiplied by 20 days in a month at work. Its formula would be represented by:  4 glasses * 8 ounces/glass  * 20 days /month * 1 gallon/128 ounces * 1 5gal.bottle / 5gallon = 1  5gal.bottle/employee. The cost of bottled 5 gal water ranges between $6 to $8.15.  

We can now estimate your companies monthly water equal to the product of the employee count and the amount of each bottled 5 gal water plus the Water cooler rental ranging from it $20 to $59 per unit that can serve a number of employee directly proportional to its cost therefore; and will cost the company additional $1/ employee on Dispenser rentals.

Our Product and service will try to save your company more than half of your Bottled drinking water cost while ensuring the quality of your drinking water by establishing a service frequency for its unit's filtration system.

Below is our water system calculator ensuring the frequency of service is in accordance with its usages.

Number of Employees:

Approximate bottled water cost + cooler rentals

$180 per month





Water Cooler 


plus tax

Service per year



You saved 46.43 %

$ 75.00
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