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DIY Instruction: How to Convert a Water Cooler to a Touchless Water Cooler

Converting a regular water cooler to a touchless water cooler can provide a more hygienic and convenient experience. Follow these step-by-step instructions to transform your existing water cooler into a touchless version:

Materials needed:

- Touchless sensor kit (available online or at a local hardware store)

- Screwdriver

- Adhesive or double-sided tape

- Rubbing alcohol

- Clean cloth

Step 1: Prepare the workspace

Start by ensuring you have enough space to work comfortably around the water cooler. Clear any obstacles or items that may hinder your access to the cooler.

Step 2: Turn off and unplug the water cooler

Before proceeding with any modifications, disconnect the water cooler from the power source and turn it off. This step is essential to prevent any accidents or electrical shocks during the conversion process.

Step 3: Clean the surface

Using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, thoroughly clean the surface of the water cooler where you plan to attach the touchless sensor. This step will remove any dirt, dust, or residue that may affect the adhesive's effectiveness.

Step 4: Mount the touchless sensor

Follow the instructions provided with the touchless sensor kit to determine the best placement for the sensor. Typically, it should be positioned near the taps or dispensing area of the water cooler, within easy reach. Use adhesive or double-sided tape to securely attach the sensor to the cleaned surface.

Step 5: Connect the sensor wires

Refer to the instructions that came with the touchless sensor kit to identify the correct wiring connections. Connect the sensor wires to the appropriate terminals on the water cooler. This step may require the use of a screwdriver to loosen or remove screws for proper connection.

Step 6: Test the touchless functionality

Once the sensor is securely mounted and connected, plug the water cooler back into the power source. Test the touchless functionality by waving your hand in front of the sensor. The water cooler should activate and dispense water without the need for physical contact.

Step 7: Adjust sensitivity (if applicable)

Some touchless sensor kits come with adjustable sensitivity settings. If your kit includes this feature, refer to the instructions to adjust the sensor's sensitivity level according to your preference. This step can help customize the touchless experience to your liking.

Step 8: Secure loose wires (if necessary)

If there are any loose wires or excess cables after connecting the touchless sensor, use zip ties or cable clips to secure them neatly and prevent any interference with the water cooler's operation.

Step 9: Test again and make final adjustments

After securing the wires and ensuring everything is properly connected, test the touchless functionality one more time. Make any necessary adjustments or reposition the sensor if needed to achieve the desired performance.

Step 10: Enjoy your touchless water cooler

With the touchless sensor successfully installed, you can now enjoy the convenience and hygiene benefits of a touchless water cooler. Make sure to regularly clean and maintain the sensor as per the manufacturer's instructions to ensure optimal performance.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily convert your water cooler into a touchless version, providing a more hygienic and convenient way to access drinking water.

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